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The Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box program defines women into eight categories. It then attempts to show you the precise psychological approach required for each one.

Somewhat different to most other systems, which train guys how to impress a girl, or how to attract women with body language, etc. Pandora’s Box insists that not all techniques apply to all women, which certainly would make sense.

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4 Stars

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“I could see how this stuff could be POWERFUL for creating quick connections with women…”
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“these were two girls from my social scene who had previously all but ignored me. It was almost instantaneous how quickly I was able to change their opinion of me…”
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Users of this system like the breakdown of women into eight types. This has allowed readers to focus on the particular type of woman they want to approach, and the specific ways to get her to like him.

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Company info was registered on 2 February 2010.

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