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Learn how to flirt with a girl using Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery course.

Billed by one user as “the ultimate guide to flirting and sexual communication”, this product has its roots based in conversational hypnosis, with a focus on triggering emotions of attraction using the art of flirting.

Flirting tips for men are spelled out in a “step-by-step” blueprint style and include specific examples of lines and behaviours to show, including flirting body language.

As well as the flirting advice packed into the main book, there are four free bonuses included with the download. These expand the flirting techniques with tips on flirting over the phone and using SMS text messages.

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Feedback & Overview

4 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

“The whole flirting process is broken down into 2 main types, which makes it really easy to learn and apply.”
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“Flirt Mastery is definitely a quality guide, but the focus is on flirting. This means that it won’t focus on tips and techniques for dating women.”
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For a guide on how to flirt with girls, Flirt Mastery has accrued a respectable reputation across consumer reports. Ways to flirt seem to be spelled out in a simple manner, allowing any man to improve his techniques and chances of attracting women.

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Company info was registered on 4 November 2008.

Product Specifications

Main detailed ebook on how to flirt with women, plus four bonuses with more flirting tips for men.



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Full 60 days 100% refund guarantee

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