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Bobby Rio’s Conversation Escalation concentrates solely on making small talk sexy and helping guys who find the prospect of maintaining a conversation with attractive women too daunting.

This product is a one-of-a-kind program on having conversations with women that engage, attract, and escalate the relationship into sex or further still. Very much grounded in pyschological triggers, the program claims to make small talk sexy for anyone.

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Feedback & Overview

3.5 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

“I’m a HUGE fan of Bobby Rio, and this program did NOT let me down…”
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“…it has increased my potential when it comes to getting women and starting up conversations that I can actually finish.”
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A respectable amount of positive user feedback on Bobby Rio’s book on conversation skills with women.

Product Details

Company info was registered on 31 October 2009.

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Full 60 days 100% refund guarantee

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